Give up?

Give up? One crafted miles

The newspaper is behind me but I choose to scroll down in social media and “Routine of Nepal Banda”. Maybe that is what it is as of today’s me. I was shook to witness rapid increment of cases in Nepal on corona, rape, accidents, suicide and never ending social evil activity “Caste discrimination”. It just made me sad. What else could I do about it? I am as vulnerable as you all are.

While social media doesn’t only post bad news, it also updates us with individuals coming up with services. As I choose to be sad by the enormous cases happening worldwide, how about I dared to get an inspiration of what actually people are onto, for serving, for humanity, for fame or anything.

Give up?

I still complain about how they are doing it all for “as if” “doing only for the sake of doing”. In this context about more than two months of being locked down, staying at home, world’s suffering. The phrase can be a cascade of frustration, anxiety and illness. They need help. As a matter of concern how diabetes patients without physical activities are laying down which is a side effect in health also, an avid traveler who used to escape are locked themselves in their room. With no idea if they are doing well.

And there is me, where I am a pessimist all the time. But someone’s there is not. A true hero who believes in the power of simple phone calls to know their people’s well-being and doesn’t complain but analyze to look beyond than surface.

A hero who holds on to the notion of how hopeful those people in border are for being served a bottle of water, for heroes who are taking care of their employees not just financially but psychologically. To all social media influencers, who are at least appealing.

And again, there’s me with where’s the government? Where there are people like you, that comes up with an idea, may we ask this question in the next election. For now, Tell me what you have done?

A hero once said that she used to be considered as a volunteer, like not any specific designation in work but the matter of fact here is she said, who cares about what people think about me. Do I think about myself any less important than any social media influencer? Am I able to feed migrants at the border? She said No. This menstrual day did I even share a post with a caption of my period journey? She didn’t.

She was a hero of not giving up. She knew, she isn’t an ambassador of any brands/ institution, not any social media influencer. Her voice might not be heard, works might not be seen. That’s where she gave up. Wait, to give up on negative thought processes. To give up on complaints which all of us know.

She gave up on questioning the ability that if I am any Politician, award holder or Celeb, she said I am one of you this morning without plans and scrolling down for updates, but I give up on sympathizing.

She feels ashamed to get an email from a finance department that her stipend will be receivable soon. She is a fellow teacher as a profession, her money will be transferred with or without classes being run. But here she doesn’t give up to call students, even if students are without access, she didn’t give up on that one student for the online class.

It is sad how students without access are being deprived of education in these online classes, and she knows how they are not the one to be blamed, and not to blame oneself as well.

In this situation of what to do and what not to do, she couldn’t deny the message, मिस्स अन्लाईन पढ्ने हैन?

The impossibility to cater all of her students is a problem that I see, but a hero saves all eventually is what she believes.

This lockdown, she chose to not give up on that one student.

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